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Want to give your kids something to do on your device that will engage their minds?

Find thoughtful plots and dynamic characters in these choose-your-own-outcome stories!

Our interactive stories are narrated with read-along text—and choice points along the way! What you do changes the outcome!

How will your stories turn out? What lessons will you learn? Get started to find out!

Recommended for children ages 4+. (Reading level for ages 9+.)

I love this app because it's more than just a book. It's interactive, it's fun -- it's like a game and reading at the same time!

Marcia Matthews (Mother of 4)


As a mother of three, I was looking for ways for my kids to use technology to help their development. I wanted them to use their minds for learning to read, yes, but I also wanted them have the opportunity to engage with rich, deep content.

Most kids books and videos are entertaining, and many are helpful for teaching kids basic skills and facts, like reading, math, earth science, and zoology. But Inspire Interactive's stories are more similar to Aesop's fables—designed to teach kids wisdom that will help them with real issues in life.

Inspire Interactive stories go through a rigorous design and review process. Our team of experts carefully designs and scrutinizes the philosophy and ethics incorporated in the fabric of the story plot. Pastors, philosophers, and conscientious parents alike agree that Inspire Interactive stories help kids sort through interpersonal issues that empower them to become wise leaders.

Rachel Rasmussen (CEO)

How It Works

Download the app, select "Begin", and then simply listen and watch as the story is narrated. The text highlights to keep your place.

When it's time to make a choice, simply touch or click your selection to continue. See how many outcomes you can discover!

Our Standard of Excellence

At Inspire Interactive, we strive to make every story fit the following criteria:

The main character is basically good and usually has good intentions.
We do this to help make our characters relatable.

No negative judgements or conclusions are ever drawn about any character or circumstance.
Instead of teaching kids to judge or fear on testimony alone, we encourage kids to understand the deeper reasons behind why particular actions or circumnstances are bad so that they can develop a sturdy moral compass from an early age.

Different perspectives are displayed with charity.
In our globally-interconnected world, the skill of recognizing cultural and situational differences between people is increasing in value and necessity. We aim to help kids become aware of how their own orientation can be importantly different than that of others, and we help them learn how to effectively and charitably navigate those differences.

Exploration of outcomes is empowered.
We want to make kids curious to understand why a situation turned out the way it did. We do this by including interesting plot twists, significantly different story outcomes, and choices that present meaningful and significant alterations to the plot.

We respect our young readers.
We believe that kids have an inborn desire to learn, as well as robust capabilities for gaining understanding. Because of that, we choose to incorporate a wide spectrum of vocabulary words into our stories. We don't just give them words we think they'll understand. We give them the opportunity to expand their understanding of language.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the next generation discover wisdom and values for life.

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Introducing the Princess Kayla Adventure Series

BOOK 1: Princess Kayla and the Dragon Who Wouldn't Clean Up

Gorof the neighborhood dragon won't clean up his messy cave, and now the people are complaining to Princess Kayla. How will she deal with the dragon, and how will he respond? It's up to you, as you choose your own outcomes and determine the course of the action!

This story helps young readers explore what it means to be a leader who can cooperate with people who have opposing perspectives.

BOOK 2: Princess Kayla and the Royal Visitors

The Royal Ambassador and Princess have arrived from a neighboring nation. Princess Kayla and her parents will need to overcome cultural barriers to establish good relations in view of a potential threat forming to the north. How will negotiations go? It's up to you to decide how to relate with the royal guests!

This story helps young readers explore cultural diversity and how to form trust through perspective-taking.

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